How to keep your office communal area clean

If you work in an office or even just somewhere that has an open communal sink that all the employee’s use, you’ll be familiar with just how frustrating keeping it clean is. It’s an area you go to for half an hour to an hour a day to have a break and refuel for the afternoon shift – that 30 minutes or half an hour seems to go faster than at any other time of the day!

But when it comes to the end of your dinner break, and all you want to do is give your plates and what not a scrub down in hope of a quick getaway, you don’t want to be having to contend with a mountain high pile of food stained plates and utensils. Next thing you know someone is pointing the finger as to who the culprit is for the mess and its seemingly never any one particular persons ‘responsibility’.

It’s a simple thing that can send employees into a fit of rage after the morning graft. The negative mood can spread into their work and as a result their productivity levels can plummet – a study conducted in 2010 by OfficeTeam concluded that as high as 44% of were frustrated by the mess made by other co-workers in break rooms. That being said, we thought we’d provide some guidance as to what you can do in the office to make sure some stringent order is maintained in your workplace communal area. Time to start seeing that break room shining and employees walking out with smiles on their faces!

  1. Lay down the law

First thing is first; you need to let all the employees know the new policies that will be implemented and why it’s important. You can’t be nonchalant about your new break room rules.

Some employees may be less willing to giLay down the law ve the cleaning maintenance a good go, but there’s definitely no way they’ll take notice unless you make it clear how big of an issue it is. The best way to do this is an initial form of bombardment with group emails and general notification in meetings. Then, just to hit home, a note plastered around the break room is a gentle reminder in the place that is the scene of the crime that a bit of tidying is required.

You could even put up some pictures of how you do and don’t want it to look. If you really want to get the message across, send some stats on the health issues that might be associated with not keeping the place clean!

  1. Set the ground rules

After everyone is aware that action needs to be taken in the break room, your next step is to let them know what needs to be done. Obviously this will have to be adjusted to whatever your office communal areas main issues are, but for general reflection.

  • Don’t leave dirty dishes, cutlery or mugs in the sink. A quick 2 minute wash and put it back in its home. Simple enough!Cleaning rules
  • Wipe down the microwave after use. A problem that can be avoided if you also tell employees to cover up their food containers!
  • Place all your rubbish in the bin. General hygiene and common sense really…
  • Wipe down the surfaces after use. Not a lot to ask.
  • Only store food in the fridge if it is adequately sealed. One of the major causes of food poisoning.
  1. Delegate the roles

Although the majority of employees wilChoosing rolesl grimace at the thought of more work, there are however those who will always be looking to contribute to helping out. If you have any of those rare gems in your workplace, give them the odd job that needs to do to keep the area in good condition. It’ll be a good way to gauge who’s keen to progress at work, even if it’s just the little things they’re contributing to! Furthermore, it might also give the other employees a kick up the backside that they’re dong things that others aren’t – a little bit of competition and motivation!

  1. Bring in the experts

Another factor to consider is that your employees are less inclined to make the effort to clean communal areas if the rest of their workplace isn’t particularly clean. Of course, you could try and ask them to clean the communal areas with some of the tips we’ve provided, and then also keep the rest of the building clean, but that doesn’t seem to go down too well. If a duty is not listed in their job description, employees aren’t going to want to do it. Plain and simple. And, it’s obviously better for your employees to be doing what you’re paying them to do.

Hiring a contract commercial cleaning service like ourselves at unique clean can take care of all these issues and set the example. And that is of course with the additional cleaning services that can be provided which are completed to a top quality professional standard. The sanitisation treatment of offices which is featured as part of our services can also dramatically improve the hygiene of your working environment – meaning those workplace illnesses are dramatically reduced!

  1. Positive reinforcement

If it’s all going swimmingly well and your employeesreward are abiding by your new communal area rules, a little bit of a reward is a great way to show how much you appreciate their efforts. It can be a small thing that remains connected to the communal area; a new range of nice coffee, some up end biscuits that everyone is fond of or even just some small requests they may have. It’s not a bad bonding exercise.

Why should you use a Contract cleaning service?

Are you a business who is trying to cut costs by doing all you’re cleaning in house? Don’t think you need a professional commercial cleaning service to keep things spick and span? In reality, with trying to cut corners you could be depreciating your business.

You owe it to your employees and your business to keep the office or work place in an optimally clean condition. Hiring a cleaner directly or even relying on your employees to keep the office clean can be hit and miss, whereas a professional contract cleaning company will ensure that you have the peace of mind of knowing your office will be cleaned to the highest standard week in week out. Remember, first impressions really do count when you’re reaching out to clients or trying to seal that deal. Here are just a few of our reasons why a contract commercial cleaning service can be enormously beneficial to your business.

1. A more productive workforceClean office

It’s no secret that in the workplace, a clean, tidy and structured environment that is free from dirt and clutter improves the mind-set of employees. There’s nothing more distracting than a load of mess that’s been lingering around the room after being left by a late grafting co-worker. In the same fashion, it’s also much more comfortable to know you’re not in a place that could strike you with an office illness at any point.

Hiring a professional contract cleaning service can have your workforce chugging like a well-oiled machine. Additionally, the cleaner your workplace is as a result of our strict and flawless cleaning schedule will encourage your employees to maintain their own area to a higher standard; organised clear desks, neatly filed documents and shiny computer screens. A win-win!

2. Proper tools and equipment

In some working environments, a specific sSpecialist cleaning equipmentet of tools and equipment is required. And that can be quite expensive! Hiring a contract cleaning service allows you the availability to get the specialist cleaning done correctly and quickly as part of the whole service. We’ll also have all the expertise and necessary qualifications needed to be able to operate the stuff as well. A pretty valuable asset! The specialist equipment can cost an arm and a leg as well – best to get it cheaper and operated properly for a cheaper price.




3. Saves time and money

Relying upon your staff to put in the extra cleaning shift here and there might seem efficient and practical. However, this can accumulate many hours of unnecessary work that could be used to pursue the job employees are paid and enthusiastic to do.Save money cleaning

Essentially, you want to have a consistently clean and comfortable working environment that employees can work in to the best of their abilities. But you also want to keep costs down. Contract cleaning gives your staff peace of mind that the workplace is clean and that they can also concentrate on their own projects without the burden of cleaning. You won’t get employees who are complaining that others aren’t ‘pulling their weight’ relating to cleaning up either.




4. Professional cleaners provide experience and expertise

There’s a huge difference between the bits and bobs of cleaning that in house employees can do and that of a professional service who do it day in day out. You can wipe down the odd surface and vacuum the carpets every now and then, but investing in a contract cleaning service that will cover every possible area of cleaning for your workplace is huge benHappy employeeefit to have. We know how to cover all bases, clean deep and get the job done quickly and efficiently. Once you go contract cleaning you’ll never go back.

5. A healthier environment

If your employees are doing the bits of cleaning errands, or if you’re just not regularly cleaning at all, harmful bacteria and germs can collect in an office in not time. Every employee is eating different foods, cooking, nipping to the loo and proceed to touch a variety of different surfaces throughout the day. It’s no surprise that illnesses can spread so easily. This is especially true for those employees who need to be giving out a firm handshake on a day to day basis.

To put it into perspective just how drenched in germs and bacteria an office workplace can be, listen to some of these stats; the start button on a printer or copy machine carries 4 times more bacteria than your pet’s food bowl! And the handle of a coffee pot can carry up to 34 times more bacteria than a school toilet seat! – Hiring professionals to get the job done properly and quickly keeps the sick days down and employee morale high.

6. Workforce morale improves

If you’ve ever had a boss (we’re sure you have at some point) you’ll know just how good it feels to be valued. One of the best ways employees can feel valued is if they know a sufficient amount of effort goes into making their working environment clean and hygienic. Put simply, care for your employees and they’ll care for you. You’ll be amazed at the difference in an employee’s attitude when they walk into work in the morning with a positive mind-set about a clean workplace. It’ll result in harder work ethic and a greater commitment to their job – take our word for it.

7. Good first impressions

When was the last time you walked into an office or a business you’ve never visited before? And how important was the first impression when you plant your foot through the door and gaze around at your surroundings? No doubt, it was very important. Stepping into an office that is clean and aesthetically appealClean Office ing can have a massive impact on customers and clients. A tidy, comfortable setting can be the difference between a potential employee signing on the dotted line and clients having a positive demeanor in your first meeting.

8. A customised cleaning programme to suit your needs

Not all offices and workplaces are the same. We’re aware that when it comes to a cleaning schedule and service it’s not ‘one size fits all’; some offices may have special requirements in terms of work schedule and the particular services they need.

We don’t offer a single and general cleaning scheme. We sit down with our clients to discuss which of our specialist services they require and adjust to their needs. It’s highly likely that we’ll be able to cover whatever cleaning job it is that you need and we’ll be able to develop a tailor made programme to accustom you for the best possible working relationship. We just want to make things as easy and efficient as possible!

The difference between a sanitized workplace and a clean work place?

Cleaning, sanitising, and disinfecting… what’s the difference?

By definition:

  • Cleaning removes germs, dirt, and impurities from surfaces or objects. Cleaning works by using soap (or detergent) and water to physically remove germs from surfaces. This process does not necessarily kill germs, but by removing them, it lowers their numbers and the risk of spreading infection.
  • Sanitising lowers the number of germs on surfaces or objects to a safe level, as judged by public health standards or requirements. This process works by either cleaning or disinfecting surfaces or objects to lower the risk of spreading infection.
  • Disinfecting kills germs on surfaces or objects. Disinfecting works by using chemicals to kill germs on surfaces or objects. This process does not necessarily clean dirty surfaces or remove germs, but by killing germs on a surface after cleaning, it can further lower the risk of spreading infection.

Many businesses want their workplace to be clean; they know that a clean workplace is a structured, hygienic environment that keeps employees healthy and also organised. You might do a bit of cleaning maintenance here and there at the end of the day with the help of your staff, and it may very well look clean to the naked eye. However, lurking in the nooks and crannies, which you will inevitably miss with a slap-dash approach, will be a farm of bacteria that can cause some serious problems in the workplace – and that’s where the difference between a clean and a sanitised workplace becomes obvious.

Sanitisers effectively destroy 99.9% of bacteria, and in quick fashion too! The chemical process is mainly used to get rid of germs and surfaces which are usually particularly hard to shift. Most commonly in kitchens where the surfaces need to be sterilised in order to be suitable for food preparation and storage. But, when applied to other environments like the frequently visited areas of the workplace, sanitisers remove next to all likelihood of the spread of bacteria on surfaces that will get touched very frequently.

Another option, which you’ll probably have heard of within the cleaning world is disinfectants. In very similar fashion to sanitisation, disinfectant chemicals and equipment get rid of bacteria to a very high degree, even more so than sanitisation. Disinfectants have a stronger solution and are the go to option if it is essential that all bacteria, germs and disease are removed from an environment. This is the best practice for places like hospitals and surgeries – you really can’t leave anything left behind. However, disinfectants take considerably longer to implement and work. Therefore, the most practical and effective option for office and general workplace cleaning such as in schools is santisation treatments. A solution of chemicals that can are applied to the area via a vapourised spray in just a few minutes takes effect straight away without the need for any disruption to the environment or rigourous scrubbing.

If you’re currently cleaning your workplace yourself without the assistance of a professional cleaning service, chances are that it’s not as clean as it needs to be in order to sustain health and hygiene. Both sanitisation and disinfecting are some massive improvements compared to casual cleaning. They’re a necessity to keep a properly healthy, clean environment ticking. But, to be done correctly and also quickly, the hiring of a professional commercial and domestic cleaning service is required.

A professional cleaning service will have the knowledge, equipment, supplies and experience to be in and out of a workplace on a regular basis. At unique clean, out expert staff are trained in workplace sanitisation which has proved to keep a working environment hygienic and therefore optimal for the working conditions. Our service is effective, fast and guaranteed to keep your workplace whether it’s an office, a school or a warehouse in the best possible condition for a reasonable price.

The importance of school hygiene and sanitisation

How hygienic is the school your children go to?

After parents have crossed off their usual sunrise duties, their main concern becomes getting their little ones to school safely. And after that mammoth task is completed, parents want to be able to keep their mind at ease during the stress of a working day knowing their children are safe and healthy at wherever they are. And that simply can’t be done if they have any suspicion that their kids are in a learning environment which is dirty and unhygienic!

A large facility with a lot of people in it like a school can be the perfect habitat for all types of diseases and illnesses to develop which can soon spread like wild fire throughout the infant ranks. Next thing you know you’ve got a third of the class off with snotty noses and high temperatures while the teachers begin to get ill and substitute teachers must be brought in. Keeping schools clean should be one of the biggest priorities for teachers and staff to minimise risk of sickness and to promote a happy, healthy place for children to spend their days.

In this blog, we’ll chat about the severity of illness rates in school’s due to poor hygiene measures and how a complete professional cleaning service, including sanitisation spray treatment, is the best possible solution for total school cleaning.

What are the main issues with school hygiene?

The main issues with poor hygiene in ssneezechools is the risk to the well-being of students and teacher’s health and the detrimental effect it has on the school’s reputation. It’s essential to have a regular school cleaning and waste management inspection to prevent harmful micro-organisms from spreading around the building and onto furniture and equipment. The many different surfaces which are constantly being touched in schools means germs can be easily transmitted.

As students and teachers spend most of their time in an enclosed classroom space, it’s more likely for airborne germs to spread, making you more prone to sickness which inevitably leads to absenteeism. Children are contently touching a variety of surfaces in their surroundings and each other. Combine this with the fact that they’re much less wary of their own personal hygiene than us responsible adults, it’s no surprise they can be such ruthless harbingers of bacteria.

Additionally, if litter and food is left on the floor it will encourage pests and vermin into the school grounds, increasing the risk of a pest infestation and disease. An environment like this does not set a positive first impression to parents and visitors, which is clearly not good for a school’s reputation.

School kitchens, where food will be prepared, is another major cause for concern. In a school consensus report, a substantial difference in absence rates was found between pupils claiming free school meals prepared in the cafeteria kitchen, 7.0 per cent, and those who do not, at 4.1 per cent. The rate of persistent absenteeism among pupils on free school meals was 8.9 per cent, compared to 2.7 per cent of pupils that were not eligible. Essentially, this suggests that poor kitchen sanitisation may be one of the leading issues with overall hygiene leading to the spread of illness.

So, what do parents think about school cleanliness?

In some rather eye-opening studies, parents were asked questions relating to their thoughts on school hygiene which produced some worrying conclusions. More than 3 in 5 parents have ongoing concerns that their kids are exposed to germs at school and more than 50% of working parents surveyed pack lunch for their kids because they think the cafeteria is “unclean”.

Furthermore, around 1 in 3 respondents won’t let their kids ride the bus because of concerns that it is unsanitary.sick child However, these same parents who voiced strong concerns about the cleanliness of their school environment also admitted to contributing to the unsanitary conditions in the classroom; Nearly half of all parents surveyed confessed that they feel pressure to send their kids to school sick, and often do, because they can’t miss work.

We think you’ll agree that all these survey results really don’t instill confidence in to the minds of parents knowing that the school their child goes to is a good place to spend their time and learn. That’s why it’s important to get school cleaning done by a professional commercial cleaning service like Unique-clean.


What is santisation spray and why should Is it the best choice for school cleaning?

As part of our professional commercial school cleaning services, our team carry out a complete overhaul including vacuuming, sterilising surfaces and equipment, window cleaning, polishing, washing hard floors as well as a waste management service.

However, one of our most popular and effective cleaning resources is our santisation spray treatment. It’s simple, fast and gets the job done safely. The sanitisation fogger works by emitting an atomised spray of our cleaning formula 429 which can be easily applied to difficult to reach places. That means that all surfaces can be fully disinfected of germs and keep the environment as healthy as possible.

The formula is a water based antimicrobial with multi surface broad spectrum kill and residue control capabilities. It effectively deodorises carpets and fabrics when odour is caused by bacteria build up. Most importantly, it kills many bacteria, viruses and yeasts up to a log kill of 6. Specifically, it is effective against common and less common school bacterial diseases like: A/H1N1 swine, P.aeruginosa, E.coli, S.aureus, Enterococcus hirae, Bacillus subtilis, MRSA, C.difficile, Aspergillus niger, Listeria, Salmonella and Legionella pneumophila. Formula 429 is a recent winner of the NHS infection control trials through Smart Solutions for Healthcare Acquired Infection Control.

Simply put, it’s an ideal choice for all your requirements to reduce transmissions from human to human and kill the virus on surfaces. Our team can be in and out of the class rooms quickly without disrupting the room layout, leaving with assurance that the school environment is fully sanitised and safe for children.

10 domestic cleaning services you should think about using?

10 domestic cleaning services you should think about using?

The graft of hard working days to put food on the table tied in with other endless family commitments can really weigh us down. It makes some of the niggling chores your faced with when you land home like cleaning the house and grounds a real nuisance. It’s the jobs that enter your mind at the end of the day, bringing about that sigh you just can’t resist when all you want to do is put your feet up and watch your favourite tv program.

Although it’s easy enough to just neglect the dust bunnies that collect on the carpet or the dirt stains that graffiti your decking, a reliable and expert domestic cleaning service can be the perfect answer to keep your mind at ease and your family in a healthy clean environment. Don’t let your cleaning chores get you down in the dirt! Consider Unique-Cleans domestic cleaning services – that way you’ll have more leisure time enjoying doing the things that you want to do!

Whether it’s a week by week treatment regimen to keep your grounds sparkling clean or even just one of those all-important spring cleans to burst your home back into cleanly life; read our top 10 domestic cleaning services that you should consider and why they’re so important to keep on top of – available at an affordable price with our expert professional treatment.

  1. Conservatories – Over time, conservatories build-up an alarming amount of algae and muck leaving them looking grungy and tired. And even after a normal window clean, the embedded dirt can make your glass look dull. But even worse, it can cause long-term damage such as leaky seals, corrosion to metalwork and discolouration to UPVC.

2. Roof cleaning – One of the bRoof cleaning iggest problems with roofs is that the build-up of algae, lichens and/or moss can eventually start to eat through your shingles and into your roof deck causing wood rot. Moisture can then seep through the cracks as the wood rot gets progressively worse, promoting an environment hospitable to mold growth. And mold growth in a home can pose health risks to people and pets. Nasty stuff! Don’t ignore roof stains, get it sorted before it sets in.





Carpet cleaning

  1. Carpet cleaning – After a while, no amount of standard vacuuming can fully clean your carpet as the dirt gets ground into the carpet fibres. Therefore, you should consider a professional carpet cleaning service when your carpet seemingly gets to the point of no return. Revive your carpet with a deep and long lasting clean using our specialist carpet cleaning instruments; you’ll have totally forgotten just how bright your carpet was when you first got it!





Decking cleaning

4. Decking – One of the greatest prides of every garden or yard is a clean and rich wooden deck. If the wood isn’t maintained, it can easily become an ugly eyesore rather than the inviting hallmark that it should be. Cleaning your deck will not only provide it with a fresh look, but also help maintain the integrity of the wood, making your decking last longer. And anyone who owns a deck knows that it is much more inviting when it is sparkling clean.










Floor cleaning

  1. Flooring – Laminate, tiled, hardwood, even bamboo flooring. There isn’t a type of flooring out there that can’t benefit from a strenuous, regimented clean! If there’s anywhere that collects dirt, it’s the earth beneath your feet, and a lot of the time it demands a professional service to bring it back to its original best appearance.






6. Driveways – As a gdriveway cleaning eneral guideline, once installed on a driveway or patio, block paving requires at least an annual and if possible, twice yearly clean. This helps keep the block paving looking pristine and helps keep it structurally sound. As well as a deep clean using a professional domestic cleaning service, it’s a good idea to learn how to give your driveways a general clean yourself. Regular maintenance helps keep the paving strong as well as stopping the sinking of the paving.










garage door

  1. Garage doors – Getting a regular cleaning and maintenance of your garage door will not only enhance the look of your property, it will also give you the chance to inspect your garage door; making sure all the mechanisms are in working order as dirt and algae build up can seriously disrupt their mode of operation!






8. Solar panels – Solar pasolar panel cleaning nels are generally self-cleaning, however, where panel tilt is minimal or in particularly dry areas, dust and other substances such as bird droppings can build up over time. This can substantially reduce the amount electricity generated by a module. Importantly, the bird poop or grime doesn’t need to cover an entire panel to have an effect, so a proper, careful and professional clean is a must.






gutter cleaning

  1. Gutter, fascia and soffit cleaning – A debris-clogged gutter can cause a leaky roof or water damage to the interior or exterior of your home. Gutters are an integral piece of your home’s well-being as they serve to control the flow of rainwater to protect your roof, walls, foundation and landscape. It’s often hard to get gutter cleaning done right without the help of a professional service!





  1. Kitchen & cooker cleaning – Its almost inevitable for your oven not to become stained and plagued with food debris over time. Consequently, your oven can become less efficient at reaching sufficient high temperatures and eventually may just stop working all together! Crusty build up can also impact the taste of your food and while high temperatures can kill some bacteria, it’s not a good place to be cooking food. While it’s easy enough to get scrubbing away with some home cleaning remedies, you can cook and eat your food with peace of mind by employing a domestic cleaning service to give it a thorough clean every occasionally.