Access hire and what we have to offer.

Access hire and what we have to offer.

Access hire – whats on offer?

Access equipment can be used in seemingly endless IMG_7054amounts of trades in order to get essential jobs done around facilities that would otherwise be extremely difficult or too time costly. From high reach cherry pickers to top of the line sweepers, we’ve got what you need! So, whats on offer for Access hire at Unique Clean and which industries can benefit most from them? Read on to find out.

  • Cherry pickers & Scissor Lifts:


Both of these pieces of machinery are used for safe elevation purposes, suitable for high reach jobs.


The cherry picker has a diverse number of uses and is an integral part of many construction and engineering environments. Originally designed to be used in orchards for fruit picking, this versatile piece of equipment is as likely to be seen being used for fixing a telegraph pole as it is for taking cherries off trees. A cherry picker is important to use for any task which is at height. Safety is paramount when carrying out jobs above ground level and a cherry picker means that the person carrying out the job can do so in safety and security. On any given day, a cherry picker could be being used to assist with any number of important jobs.


Stair lifts are also fantastic for high reach work. The way they differ from cherry pickers is due to the fact that they can only travel in a vertical line. Although this means they are not versatile in their movement, scissor lifts can often be cheaper and can have much wider platforms for carry greater loads of number of people. The top 5 uses both these high reach machineries is:

  • Building Maintenance
  • Servicing of telephone and electricity poles
  • Filming events such as large sporting competitions


  • Fire services


  • Picking Fruit…


For courtyards, paths, workshops and halls. For caretakers, tradesmen, contract cleaners and industry. They sweep thoroughly with low dust development – even in corners.  the industrial scrubber and sweeper are the best options that unquestionably reduce the time and labour spent on floor cleaning alone. This makes your work day more productive.

Even if it’s a decade old grime and grease. These modern floor cleaning methods are efficient. As the name implies, these tools are industrial grade and therefore must be taken seriously. They are designed specifically Sweeperto clean up floors that receive the most traffic and has accumulated even decades of grime and grease. How good is that?! Most of these tools are equipped with sprayer or jets that will pour water and cleaning mixture on the floor, so you can start with the cleaning.

The sweepers we have:

  • Kärcher KM 70/20
  • Kärcher KM 75/40
  • Kärcher KM 100/100
  • Kärcher KM 130/300

Scrubber driers:

A floor scrubber dryer is considered to be the ideal floor cleaner for any hard floor. It works by scrubbing, cleaning and drying your floor. Using a floor scrubber dryer has multiple benefits. The first of which is that it is an incredibly efficient and easy to use method of cleaning. It saves huge amounts of time and effort against the traditional mop and bucket method of cleaning. Its cleaning ability is far more active than a mop. It cleans consistently at all times ensuring that you do not have to go back over the floor missed bits. So, it basically does It all with minimal help from you. This reliable cleaning will also save you with labour costs.

From a Health and Safety perspective the use of a scrubber dryer brings many advantages. the machine dries the floor after it cleans this stops any slip hazards or disturbance waiting for the floor to dry!

Here is a list of the variety of Scrubber driers we have:Scrubber


  • Kärcher BR 40/10
  • Kärcher B 40
  • Kärcher B 80
  • Kärcher B 90 R
  • Kärcher 150 R
  • Kärcher B 250 R



Our hire service has many more machines to offer. Let’s take a brief look at what else we have for you!

Kärcher wet & dry vacuum cleaner

Wet and dry vacuums are more than just regular machines with the ability to tackle liquids. They’re more sturdy and powerful, and will happily suck up everything from nails to snow, cool right? This machine is perfect for saving time and to make sure floors are spotless!


Kärcher commercial cold-water pressure washes


Ideal for stubborn dirt our cold-water Pressure Washers and larger surfaces. They are ideal for clean machines, vehicles and buildings daily: with pressure and high capacity cold water pressure washers can also remove heavy dirt.


Kärcher hot water pressure washers/ steam cleanerwet & dry vacuum

Hot water softens firm oil and grease and significantly improves emulsification, making it very easy remove. In the food industry, proteins and grease can be loosened extremely effectively with hot water.


Kärcher carpet & upholstery cleaner

the powerful, handy Kärcher spray extraction cleaners clean all textile surfaces and dissolve and remove dirt with in minutes. It has powerful suction that has low residual moisture, making it a cleaning must have!
Kärcher universal steam cleaner

Steam cleaners are extremely environmentally friendly. It has np cleaning agents and has low water consumption. Steam cleaners are very hygienic and cleans effortlessly so there is no need to scrub. It can be used for various tasks, such as bathrooms, kitchens and even windows. This domestic cleaner is an all-round essential, they save time, have positive environmental factors and can tackle most surfaces.


Our access hire facilities have so much to offer towards your business cleanliness.  A lot of our machines save time and labour costs, what more could you want? Unique-clean are the team to trust. Were an award winning commercial and domestic cleaning service that is proud to be the North West of England fastest growing cleaning specialists. All our hire machines are top of the range equipment and are an essential to your cleaning game!




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