Advantages of using spider lifts

Advantages of using spider lifts

Spider lifts are an excellent choice of high reach access machine; they offer a host of benefits over other access machines relating to practicality, manoeuvrability and versatility. They are ideal for working at height every day in various applications such as gardening, construction and maintenance, in internal and external environments. See the advantages that a spider lift can give you, the jobs they are best suited for and what spider lift access machines we at Unique have to offer for hire, both short term and long term.

What is a spider lift?

Spiderlifts are designed to access areas that traditional cherrypickers can’t and is often used in place of traditional and expensive scaffolunique spider lift 1ding systems as they are more versatile.

Spiderlifts feature dimensions compact enough enter buildings through standard single or double doorways. They are incredibly compact, with short closed length for ultimate manoeuvrability. Some models are even shorter than modern day Mini’s!

They also use tracks which spread the load of the machine over a larger surface area than wheels do. This essentially reduces the ground bearing pressure on delicate floors and soft ground as well as adding traction when it is slippery.

Giving the ability to fold down narrow ensures that the Spiderlift can access tight areas and doorways. They also give increased levelling ability allowing for safe operation on slopes and uneven terrain. The spiderlift’s low gross weight also makes them very transportable.

What are spider lifts used for?

Boom lifts are the platform of choice for a range of industries working at height including construction companies, window fitters, flue liners, engineers, gutter replacing, tree surgeons, councils, public utilities and rescue organisations.

Our spider lift machine for hire?

19m Hinowa 17.75 Self Propelled Tracked Spider Boom Lift Hire

Working height – 17.06m
Outreach – 7.50m
Width working – 2.889m
Width transporting – 0.798m
Lift capacity – 230kg
Gradability – 28.7%unique spider lift 3
Power source – diesel or electric

Fitted with Electro Hydraulic controls which can be used remotely to manoeuvre the machine on the ground if difficult terrain is encountered and hydraulically extendable tracks. The spiderlift has an electronically controlled engine which responds to the demands placed upon the machine automatically. Packed full of safety features with outrigger sensing, cage weight and outreach monitoring. Easy to move, set up and operate and no more demanding to use than our smallest platforms

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