Why you need professional high reach washing

Why you need professional high reach washing

Business and facilities should try their very best to present themselves as impressively as possible. Having a sparkling clean building makes a lasting and eye opening impression for on lookers; it’s one of the most influential elements welcoming clients, customers and visitors to your facility. Having that wow factor, even before you step through the door, is a sure fire way to get starproffesional high reach washing ted in the right foot.

High reach cleaning can be essential for the maintenance and aesthetic presentation of facilities. However, the higher reaching areas of buildings are often more neglected due to their difficulty to reach. But the stains and graffiti that taint buildings doesn’t go unnoticed. That’s why it is critical for your business to hire a professional commercial cleaning service to do your high reach and wash cleaning.



What do professional services do?

When you see the sort and grime start to build up on those hard to reach areas of your facility, it can be very easy forget about it, or you can take the initiative to keep on top of it – it will really make a difference. However, if you don’t fancy tackling some old rickety ladders you borrowed from your friends and a bucket of fairy-liquid water with a sponge, then a professional cleaning service is a no brainer.

Professional cleaning services can clean pretty much any and all areas of a buildings, advertising signs, cladding, canopies and the rest in between. Experienced cleaners know how to get those high reach washes done in a top quality and efficient manner. Professional cleaners have all the necessary qualifications to use high reach machinery in a safe manner, and also the expertise to use the specialist high reach equipment.

Our high reach and wash service?High reach cleaning and washing

As a company at the forefront of our industry, Unique Clean have invested in Reach and Wash technology which involves the use of telescopic poles and 100% pure water which is pre-filtered through a reverse osmosis system and de-ionized vessel. Our water fed pole cleaning system uses a 6 stage reverse osmosis water purification technology which de-mineralises and de-ionises tap water to remove the impurities and produce pure PH neutral water.

As the system does not use any chemicals, the process is the environmentally green approach to cleaning windows. There are also several other advantages to using Reach and Wash Systems. The system also eliminates the use of ladders for high reach and inaccessible areas and due to new health and safety legislation being brought in from Europe, the use of ladders is limited. The law now states that ladders can only be used when all viable alternatives have been considered, and now water fed pole systems are seen as a much safer, viable alternative.

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