Crime Scene Cleaning; the work after the aftermath

Crime Scene Cleaning; the work after the aftermath

Why is Crime scene cleaning so important, what risks does it pose and what do professional north west cleaning team like Unique clean do to get the job done to the best standard?

What is crime scene cleaning?

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Crime scene cleaning is the essential and rapid cleaning which is undertaken as soon as the investigators have completed their work in the event of a crime. Professional crime scene cleaners are the so called “second responders”. Although a crime scene cleaning team are not members of the law enforcement, they do work closely with the police and other investigating bodies.

The main job of a professional crime scene cleaning team is to be on call and at the scene of the crime as soon as we are required, which our team always are as a demand for our general cleaning service. The cleaning operation and other tasks which coincide with the scene then need to be carried out in a detailed and careful manner, making sure to thoroughly sanitise and eradicate any trace of potential infection or dangerous debris materials in an efficient manner.

What dangers and risks are associated with crime scene cleaning?

The threat in that crime scenes present to both the cleaning agents Related imageand the general public is now recognised to be considerable, including Hepatitis B and other pathogens. With the recent tightening of health and safety regulations, those overseeing crime scenes have to take this threat to health into account; they have a statutory duty to ensure the health and safety of those at the crime scene and afterwards.

As a result, there is now a justified need for professionalism of crime scene cleaning, with clients now recognising that in order to discharge their responsibilities properly, they should use cleaning operatives who have been properly trained on an accredited training scheme.

The job of crime scene cleaning is imperative to the safety of those at the immediate area, the public prolonged visitations and the surrounding environment.


What do professional crime scene cleaners do?

Once the last piece of evidence is collected, bagged, and logged, and the final police officer has left the scene, it’s time for a professional team of cleaners to step up. For most, cleaning up after the murder of a loved one is an unthinkable task charged with emotion and confusion. On top of that, most individuals are not equipped or prepared to take on such a precarious task. This is why many people turn to a crime scene cleaning company for help.

A list of the tasks which we do in the crime scene cleaning process are:

  • Clean crime scenes and trauma locations including police cells and contaminated vehicles RTA and crime scene equipment
  • Deorderise
  • Remove contaminated flooring
  • Control pests
  • House clearance
  • Collect hypodermic needles
  • Removing hazardous waste to meet specialist waste carriers regulations. Inlcuding all blood borne pathogens
  • Sanitisation services that include minor and major outbreak control

As well as the standard knowledge and experience to deal with this type of cleaning, the members of our team also need to be fully qualified to deal with this specialist situation. All members of Unique Clean have successfully completed courses at N.A.C.S.C (National Association of Crime Scene Cleaning). So, you can be assured that we’re the ones to do the job – the complete professional Northwest Cleaning Service.

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