Meeting Room and Office Cleaning

Meeting Room and Office Cleaning

For businesses, the meeting room is often the key environment for all your most important decisions. Whether you and your team are collaborating to construct future business development strategies, or you’ve got an important meeting trying to strike a ground breaking deal with a new client; having a clean, tidy and impressive meeting room is essential for any ambitious business to progress.

It’s very easy to let your office and meeting room to fall behind, becoming messy and lacklustre. And that can have a heavy impression on whoever it is that’s in your company. From left over stained coffee rings on the tables to cluttered and dusty furniture, you’ll be at a major disadvantage if you neglect your office cleaning.

That being said, here are our meeting room and office cleaning tips to make sure your brain hub is the perfect environment for business progress:

1) Clean up the deck

Something which almost goes without saying, but again often gets neglected is simply clearing the area properly before your guests arrive. Make sure any clutter is appropriately moved and stored, as well as cleaning up your surfaces before and immediately after your meeting, ready for the next occasion.

Additionally, a regular vacuum cleaning, we recommend twice weekly, is good practice to ensure a fresh and clean carpet. If your carpet requires a little more care of a deep clean then you’ll want to hire professional cleaning service who have the correct equipment and knowledge of how best to use it in the most efficient and effective manner.

2) Clear the air ways

As well as the aesthetic condition of your meeting room or office, the smell of the environment is also tantamount – you want it to be inviting and also healthy. Bad odours in the workplace can be caused as a direct result of poor duct and ventilation systems.
Left over complimentary food from previous meetings along with inevitable spills can soon cause an unpleasant odour in a stuffy, condensed room. While it is definitely a good idea to open the windows and plug in an air freshener, the best and most effective way to ensure a pleasant and healthy air environment in your workplace is to regularly check your ducting/ ventilation systems.

3) Little touches

Pay attention to the little details. Some meetings can feel like they drag and drag – it’s unavoidable to drift off from the subject some times, and that’s when people really start to scrutinize their environment. If you want to make sure there’s no negative talking points about the meeting room after, pay attention to the small details. Wipe down the windows frames, neatly pack away the electronic wires and make sure you screens are smirch free.

4) Final details

Then you’ve check off the tick list of what you need to do to get the meeting room spick and span, finally, you need to add the finishing touches. Things like adding a cooled water machine with ample cups, complementary snack bowls with napkins and cleaning accessories or a nice bunch of fresh flowers to brighten up the room – it can go a long way.

Although a lot of these tasks can be completed by your staff as a quick turnaround to get the meeting room or office environment ready, you can ensure a through and complete job as part of a professional contract commercial cleaning agreement. That way you’ll be rest assured that the environment “Where all the business magic happens” is up to top form ready to facilitate success.

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