Commercial Cleaning – The Difference Between Clean and Sanitised

Sanitisation does so much more than standard cleaning! Read our blog to find out…

Commercial Cleaning – The Difference Between Clean and Sanitised

Many people assume cleaning is the same thing as sanitising. The definition of cleaning is “The act of removing the dirt from things and places, especially in a house.” This is different from sanitising, where the process is best described as “To make something completely clean and free from bacteria.”

There can be thousands of germs spread over commonly-used areas of an office desk, for example, once you add up the germs that are likely to be present on the desk (keyboard, mouse, and telephone) you can be well into hundreds of millions of germs. Simply dusting and moving these objects into a neater manner to make them look smart and clean does not ensure you kill the germs that aren’t always visible to the naked eye. See, cleaning can just be a quick wipe down of a desk or reordering and moving things to make the area ‘look’ better. But really how much bacteria do you really think you’re removing?

When you sanitise you are making something ‘completely clean’ meaning you are going above and beyond to ensure that whatever object or area your cleaning not only looks good but is free from bacteria.

Why choose us?

It is harder to achieve when you are unfamiliar with this form of cleaning. That’s why it’s always recommended to reach out to a company in which are specialists in that field.

Unique Clean is an independent North West Professional cleaning company who pride themselves on quality of workmanship along with customer care and satisfaction. Our services cover all aspects of sanitisation using our unique UC429 formula which eradicates all know germs safely and efficiently. Our team contains a wealth of experience and knowledge and are fully equipped to sanitize and protect any area.

Want to know more about our UC429 sanitisation process? Watch our YouTube clip:

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