Chewing Gum Removal / Steam Cleaning

At Unique Clean, we use the most advanced cleaning products to enhance the front of your shop.

Chewing gum stains are almost unavoidable in the modern day – it’s a pretty sticky issue! They’re a pain to see and they’re an even bigger pain to remove! Having chewing gum stains dotted around facilities and premises can have a very negative effect on the aesthetic value of a business; it’s an immediate and obvious image of unprofessionalism.
Chewing gum stains are very difficult to remove and as such require specialist services to get rid of them in a fast, effective and environmentally friendly manner. Our specialist chewing gum removal team use professional chewing gum cleaning experience and purpose-specific chewing gum removal equipment to clean the slate and have your flooring looking brand new.

Another benefit of keeping on top of your chewing gum removal routine is that maintaining a clean and tidy premises discourages any further chewing gum littering or associated graffiti issues; people tend to add fuel to the fire when it comes to graffiti and littering – so keep your area well maintained and its less likely to get fouled upon.

Our chewing gum removal equipment removes stains in 6 seconds with no residue and is effective on many different types of surfaces: