Commercial Jet Washing

Unique Clean has a team of professional cleaning operatives available to perform various car park cleaning services day or night.

Using the latest jet-washing technology, we offer a commercial jet washing service for all applications to ensure that outdoor spaces such as building exteriors, roofs, walkways, driveways, car parks and other areas that need to be kept looking clean and tidy are deep cleaned and ready for use.

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What’s Involved In Commercial Jet Washing

Commercial jet washing, also known as pressure washing, involves the use of high-pressure water jets to clean and remove dirt, grime, stains, mold, algae, and other contaminants from various surfaces. Regularjet washing ensures that commercial and industrial applications maintain the cleanliness and appearance of buildings, surfaces, and outdoor spaces.

How Our Commercial Jet Washing Service Works

Commercial jet washing starts with an initial assessment where we visit your business and review with you the spaces you’d like to be cleaned. We then quote for the cleaning on this basis. If you accept our quote,we attend your premises at the agreed day/time and carry out the work.

We start by setting up the high pressure commercial jet washing equipment, selecting the nozzles and pressure settings required to ensure the cleaning is carried out safely without causing any damage or erosion to surfaces. We then apply cleaning agents to the area if needed, especially on stubborn stains.


We also offer steam cleaning. This is a high power jet wash that operates between 60 – 80 degrees. This is best suited to removing chewing gum, graffiti, stubborn stains/marks.

Once cleaned, we check the surfaces to ensure that wastewater is disposed of and clean up any waste or debris created during the cleaning process.

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Why Choose Us For Jet Washing?

  • Give a great impression – We ensure high standards of jet washing are carried out, giving a great first impression to visitors that you are a clean and organised business, and providing staff with a work setting they can be proud of too.

  • Specialist equipment – We have the latest in commercial jet washing technology, giving us a cutting edge when it comes to carrying out our work.

  • Expertise & Accreditations – Our team of highly trained and experienced cleaning professionals are accredited by CHAS, BESA trained, CSCS, PASMA. As a business we are Safe Contractor Approved.

  • Reliability – We are proud to offer a punctual and reliable service, we arrive on time and fully equipped to carry out our work. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we won’t rest until you are completely satisfied with our service.

  • Health and Safety – We follow strict health and safety guidelines, using PPE where needed to ensure the health and safety of our team of operatives at all times


How often you require commercial jet washing depends on factors such as the type of surfaces being cleaned, vehicle and footfall levels, and the amount of dirt and contaminants in your environment. Most spaces need to be jet washed every 6-12 months, while others may need a full jet wash less frequently.

High-pressure water jets can sometimes damage surfaces if they are not used correctly. Our experienced operatives are fully trained to ensure damage or erosion to surfaces is kept minimal, by adjusting pressure levels and nozzles based on the application.

Commercial jet washing is effective at removing dirt, algae, graffiti, paint, and other stubborn stains from most surfaces. The success of paint removal may depend on the type of paint used and surface. It can also be used to clean up automotive oil spills from concrete and tarmac.

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