Bin Cleaning

Three reasons why you need bin sanitisation.

  • Our expert sanitisation team are fully trained in carrying out detailed & effective sanitisations of all types of bins.
  • We already own specialist sanitisation equipment and all chemicals used are included within the price.
  • We have over 10-years of experience in providing cleaning services.

Limit your team’s exposure to potentially hazardous pathogens.

Our bin cleaning service can help against the battle of pest prevention.

Why choose Unique Clean?

Six stages of treatment.

Our specialist bin cleaning machine filters and cleans the water as the bins are being washed. This helps to kill bacteria and reduces our water usage.

Affordable packages.

We can work around our customers needs providing packages ranging from one-off cleans to ongoing monthly contracts.

Six stages of treatment.

We have over 10-years of experience in providing high-quality commercial cleaning, including work carried out for NHS, Boundary Mills Stores & Lancashire County Council.

Step 1
Bin rinsing and debris removal.

We start our process by carrying out a thorough rinsing of the bins to remove any debris that may have built up inside the bins over time. Our specialist equipment cleans and filters the water used during this cleaning process, meaning we can reduce our water usage.

Step 2

The following step involves sanitising the freshly cleaned bins with our NHS approved UC429 formula. This will help further kill any potentially hazardous pathogens, reducing your team’s exposure and removing any unpleasant smells at the same time.