Scrubber Driers

For shiny floors. With Kärcher scrubber driers, floors are hygienically clean and spotless. Sparkling performance guaranteed. Our all-rounders and specialists complete all kinds of home cleaning tasks quickly and economically.

Karcher BR 40/10

The BR 40/10 C Adv is a cost-effective floor scrubber. It scrubs floors like a single disc machine, pucks up water like a wet vac…

Karcher BD 43/25

Whether for quick interim cleaning or scheduled maintenance cleaning; this compact scrubber driers does a superior job. Thanks to…

Karcher B 40

Battery-powered walk-behind scrubber dryers in the 40 litre class without traction drive. Ideal for areas of 400 to 1100 m².…

Karcher B 80

Battery-powered walk-behind scrubber driers in the 80 litre class with traction drive. Ideal for areas between 1500 to 3000 m².…

Karcher B 90 R

Compact, high productivity ride-on scrubber drier with advanced features Quick replacement Traction drive up to 6…

Karcher B 150 R

Productive and flexible ride-on scrubber drier with a host of innovations 4 batteries to choose from eco!efficiency…

Karcher B 250 R

The B 250 R scrubber drier is designed for long periods of use in large facilities. Its robust tubular steel frame…



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