Mastics & Sealants

Unique Clean Hire & Facilities are professional sealant applicators and below is a guide on the various applications we service;

  • Internal and Sanitary Works.
  • Floor Movement Joints and Saw Cut Works.
  • Structural Glazing and Weathersealing Works.
  • Secure Environment Works e.g. Anti-Pick.
  • Clean room & Pharmaceutical Works.
  • Swimming Pool and Water Treatment Works.
  • Specialist Glass to Glass Works.
  • Specialist Dusting Sealant Works.
  • Remedial Works.

Our mastic and sealant application services ensures the high performance of today’s modern buildings and civil engineering structures. Our mastic and sealant services generally serve the purpose to prevent passage of media (air, water, chemicals, smoke etc.), provide fire and acoustic protection and enhance the visual appearance of the whole construction.

We have developed our knowledge of installing mastic and sealant to all construction sectors. Our wealth of experience gives solutions to mastic and sealant whether it is specific substrates, joint sizes, types of joint etc.

Unique’s expertly trained personnel are continuously working with leading manufactures on innovation products to ensure customer satisfaction.