NHS-Approved Sanitisation & Fogging


Why do I need Sanitisation? Three Reaons

  • Our expert sanitisation team are fully trained in carrying out detailed & effective sanitisations of all types of premises.
  • We already own specialist sanitisation equipment and all chemicals used are included within the price.
  • We have over 10-years of experience in providing cleaning services
  • Upon completion, you will receive a certificate of sanitisation which you can display to reassure your customers & staff.
  • Research suggests that brands that acted un-ethically towards the COVID-19 pandemic will be financially penalised by their customers in the years to come.

How Does It Work?

Step One:

TouchPoint Clean

We start our process by carrying out a TouchPoint cleaning which includes all places where hand to hand transfer of germs can occur including, but not limited to light switches, handrails, desks, door handles, chairs and other hard surfaces.

Step Two:


The following step involves fogging with our NHS approved UC429 formula to capture all other hard to reach areas including soft furnishings, carpets, curtains and chairs. Whatsmore, most of your furniture & equipment can stay in place.


Why choose Unique Clean?

NHS-approved UC-429 Sanitisation Formula

  • Our NHS-approved formula is effective against all bacteria & viruses, including COVID-19.

Affordable & Tailored Packages

  • We can work around our customers needs providing packages ranging from one-off sanitisations to ongoing monthly contracts.

Well Respected & Reliable Company

  • We have over 10-years of experience in providing high-quality commercial cleaning, including work carried out for NHS, Boundary Mills Stores & Lancashire County Council.

Receive a Certificate of Sanitation

  • Upon completion, our dedicated sanitisation team will present you with a certificate of sanitisation to display to reassure your customers & staff.

Our Packages

One-Off or Ongoing Packages

Whether you need a one-off sanitisation to get you set up and running, or you want to take one of our continual plans, we can tailor a package that suits your business needs. 


Get one month free on our 12-month sanitisation package.


Multi-Service Packages

Take advantage of our other services by combining the sanitisation with other useful services, such as training your staff on the best infection control procedures. 

Our Services Areas Include:

  • Training
  • Cleaning
  • Access Hire
  • Facilities
  • Interiors 

Hear what our customers have to say.

Kim. T, manager of Hulton Care Home, talks about her experience of using Unique Clean’s sanitisation service to reduce the risk of any infection outbreaks (including COVID-19) in her care home. The home has managed to remain COVID-19 free during the 2019/20 pandemic. 

The headteacher at Sacred Heart RC Primary School discusses his experience of using Unique-Clean’s sanitisation service at his school in Colne.