Fire Damper Testing

Our team are experienced in the inspection of fire damper systems.

Fire dampers play a crucial role in buildings’ fire safety systems, which is why it is important that they operate correctly. The build-up of grease and grime in ducting systems is the cause of many fires in takeaways, restaurants and other establishments across the UK.
The difference between a well maintained fire damper and a poorly maintained fire damper could be the difference between life and death if there is a fire in your building. That being said, it is important to make sure that your fire dampers are inspected, tested and maintained on a regular basis.

Our Fire Damper Testing Service

The Unique team will perform a fire damper inspection and drop test on all fire dampers and any other potential amends.

Additionally, we will install any necessary access doors at strategic points throughout your ducting system which will allow for easier regular inspections. This process also helps us to identify any areas that will need detailed cleaning and disinfection if needed.

We will also provide advice on any further work required to keep your facility safe. Any issues that we encounter will be reported to you immediately so you can then address the problem as soon as possible

Whose responsibility is fire damper maintenance?

According to the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, it is the employer’s responsibility to maintain their fire safety systems. If you run a business or own a building it is your responsibility to book regular fire damper tests and ensures that a proper maintenance plan is followed.

“The regulatory reform (fire safety) order 2005 places a duty of care on the building owner/occupier to take such general fire precautions as will ensure, so far as reasonably practical the safety of the building and safety of the people within it. Section 17 of the order deals with maintenance of systems to control the fire risk and requires that they are subject to a suitable system of maintenance in an efficient state, in efficient working order, and in good repair”