STO Render Cleaning

Unique Clean are approved surveyors of STO render cleaning as well as contracted STO rendering repair agents.

Our team are experienced and contracted in assessing building and STO Render cleaning for any defects that may have occurred over time.

STO Render cleaning has led the way in product innovation in facade renders and systems for over 50 years. Today, STO is at the forefront of development in external wall insulation, rain screen cladding and render systems.

We are qualified in the processes and relevant preparation procedures required to complete reliable repairs to your STO render. Regular annual checks of your rendering are essential to maintain and enhance the appearance of your building and also to improve the thermal upgrading without disrupting the interior.

The benefit of these render checks and repairs provides you with energy savings for your facility.

It also saves you money over time. If you don’t look regularly and have your render inspected and repaired it will cost you more in the long run. The most common defect related to lack of maintenance water freezing behind the render and causing it to crack and break away from the structure.

Additionally, failure to get the STO rendering on your building inspected annually by a STO approved inspector means that your warranty will be invalid. This check essentially gives you the peace of mind that your STO rendering will have the longest possible life as we identify when it will need render washing, sealing and antifungal spraying.

To make sure you don’t suffer the financial and eventual structural consequences of neglecting your STO rendering, contact our team and organise your inspection