STO Render Cleaning

At Unique Clean, we take pride in being approved surveyors of STO render cleaning and contracted STO rendering repair agents. With over 50 years of experience, STO Render has been a pioneer in facade renders and systems, leading the way in product innovation. Our dedicated team is experienced and contracted to assess building and STO Render cleaning, ensuring the longevity, appearance, and energy efficiency of your property.

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What Is STO Render Cleaning?

STO render cleaning is a specialised service that we offer designed to assess, maintain, and enhance the appearance and energy efficiency of buildings with STO rendering.

Regular annual checks are essential to identify defects, prevent water damage, and maintain the integrity of your STO rendering. Our expert team is qualified in the processes and preparation procedures required to assess and carry out reliable STO render repairs.

How Our STO Render Cleaning Service Works?

Our comprehensive STO Render cleaning services includes:

  • An assessment of your building and STO rendering for any defects that may have occurred over time, ensuring early identification and prevention of potential issues.

  • Restoration and cleaning using specialised techniques and products to clean and restore your STO rendering, enhancing its appearance and longevity.

  • Damage prevention using sealing and antifungal spraying services to protect your STO rendering from future damage, ensuring its durability against external elements.

  • Regular scheduled annual checks of your rendering to maintain and improve thermal upgrading without disrupting the interior of your building.

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Why Choose Us For STO Render Cleaning?

  • Expertise & Accreditations – We have a specialist team of STO render surveyors and repair specialists with over 50 years experience. As a business we are also Safe Contractor Approved.

  • Reliability – Our STO render cleaning service is punctual and reliable.

  • Health and Safety – The health and safety of your employees, clients, and our team members is our primary focus. Our STO render cleaning practices adhere to the highest industry standards. We also follow stringent safety protocols to prevent accidents and protect everyone on-site.


Regular inspections of your STO rendering helps identify defects early, prevents water damage, and maintains the appearance and energy efficiency of your building. It also ensures your warranty remains valid.

Our team consists of approved surveyors and contracted STO rendering repair agents with over 50 years combined experience in STO render cleaning and maintenance.

Maintenance of your STO render prevents costly repairs and energy loss, saving you money in the long term. It also ensures your warranty remains valid, avoiding potential expenses.

Call us on 01282 867 666