Thermoplastic Line Marking

Our specialised product is a preformed thermoplastic material that can be applied to most solid horizontal surfaces, including steel and iron and provide very high levels of slip and skid resistance. Our preformed plastic provides a cost effective solution to the reinstatement of patch in high friction areas such as the edge of our stadium steps and stairs. This preformed material has been extensively tested to provide a long term solution to slip resistance issues.

The issue of step safety has been contentious for many years, and developments in new products and systems have undoubtedly improved the safety for users of external steps, in work, at play and when visiting public arenas and events. The construction of steps plays an important part of their safety, usually covered by Part M of the building regulations. The most common construction materials are concrete and steel.

The building regulations also include specifications to highlight the edges of these steps, in order to avoid slips and trips, but providing long term durable solutions can be costly. Traditionally, the nosing’s of the steps are painted with a floor paint containing an abrasive aggregate. Retro-fit alternatives rely on the fixing of a material onto the surface of the step, using glues or mechanical fixings such as screws or anchors. These systems are usually very costly, and on large expanses are uneconomic to consider. The material has recently been used to provide safety nosing’s at the Stade du France and at Aston Villa Football Club.